Review: Momento

A lifetime of work from photographer George Zimbel is presented beautifully in this fantastic photo book. If you haven't heard of Zimbel, you owe it to yourself to look into this book - It'll surely win you over with its charm and fantastic editing.

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How to Approach a Stranger

Approaching a stranger to ask for a photograph can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. In the video below, I go over a bit about how to approach and interact with people you meet even when a language isn't shared. 

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The Importance of Community

I think social media and interacting with the community can be hugely beneficial to a photographer. But (apparently) some people don't. Is it possible to get your work "out there" if you don't use social media?

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The Cure for GAS

Gear Acquisition Syndrome, otherwise known as GAS, is a real problem, but it doesn't have to be! In this video, I talk about a simple way to fight back at GAS, and maybe scratch that gear acquisition itch without breaking the bank. 

Review: Ona Leather Bowery

The Ona Leather Bowery is one of the best-built bags that I’ve handled to date. The full grain leather feels fantastic and the brass hardware feels like it could last a lifetime of usage. The great thing about genuine leather accessories like this bag is that as time goes on, they’ll naturally wear in with age and look and feel even better.

Review: Fuji X-T1

The Fuji X-T1 was, for me, the perfect blend of intuitive controls and exceptional image quality. In this video I talk a little bit about my transition to the X-Series and go over some of the details of of the X-T1 layout.

Review: Fuji XF 23mm f/1.4 R

At first glance, the 23mm f/1.4 looks like an enormous beast of a lens compared to what was (at the time of it’s release) the smaller 18mm f/2 and 35mm f/1.4 lenses. The main reason for the bulk of this lens, aside from it’s fast 1.4 aperture, was the manual focus clutch mechanism. Pulling back on this lens revealed a manual focus design with hard stops and a depth of field scale. This feature is only shared with it’s 14mm f/2.8 and 16mm f/1.4 prime brothers. I take a look at this and other features of the 23mm f/1.4 in this video.

The Leica M9 is Good, But Not Great

I think it was probably New York City that changed it all for me.  I’ve known of Leica and I’ve known of the rangefinder style of camera in general, but it never had the allure to me that it did for other photographers that I knew. Then I went to New York City for a weekend last September to attend NYCWLK. Amongst the Pentax, Hasselblad and myriad other cameras were a few Leicas, both film and digital. Free from the confines of having to spend $3,000+ to hold one, I tested some out. I adjusted the focus, and the moment the rangefinder patch came together was the same moment it clicked for me as well.

Get Your Photographic House in Order

It’s the start of a new year and for a lot of photographers that means resolutions. Some will start 365 projects, some will endeavor to shoot more film, some will want to create a photo book this year or strive to print more. It makes sense to want to jump head first into 2017 and produce brilliant work, but before you take that plunge, allow me to be the voice of reason that you need to hear.

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Rome: Monochrome

The strangest thing about photography, and images in general, is that the absence of color can actually make an image much more vivid. A monochrome image can actually serve to make a photograph’s mood and tone shout out in ways that color would have somehow subdued. 

Rome: People and Places

When you come back from photographing a place like Rome, you’re going to have a lot of images to sort through. It’s inevitable. When the weather smiles on you and the city is full of life and noise, your shutter will go into overdrive. 

Rome: Remnants

In the heart of modern Rome lies an architectural graveyard dedicated to the power and ingenuity of its ancient ancestors. To walk the same streets, sit on the same steps and touch the same walls as the people of ancient Rome is a surreal experience.

Hands On With the X-T2

A few days ago I had the chance to meet up with our local Fujifilm representative at a local camera store to get a look at the new X-T2. A few people have asked what I thought about it, especially since I’ve already pre-ordered one for myself. I went in armed with a lot of knowledge based on what I’ve read and seen so far, but there were still a few surprises that I didn’t expect.