The First of Many

It's the dawn of a new day! Well, it was a long time coming, but I’ve finally set up a portfolio site to share some of the images I’ve captured recently. Since this is the first blog post, I’ll share some ideas of what I’m planning to do with the site.

First and foremost, this site will be a place to share what I see through my lens, both as a portfolio piece through the front gallery pages but also through blog posts with smaller sets of images attached. I’m also constantly watching the technology of cameras as they evolve and I’m keen to share my thoughts on new cameras and lenses as they come out. I’ll also talk a great deal about other photographers and images that have captured my eye and I’ll share those with you as well. Lastly, I plan to use this space to either review or just share my thoughts on some of the equipment that I’m using to capture the pictures and video that I share on the site.

So that’s pretty much it! The standard site, but nevertheless a nice outlet for me to be able to share my thoughts on the world of photography with you. I have a few future blog posts in mind already including my thoughts on Zooms vs. Primes (that one might surprise you), a few images from some street shoots here in Montreal, insight into an editorial series I'm working on as well as first impressions on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera that should be arriving this week!

Please always feel free to like, share and comment on these blog posts and also to connect with me on the social networks I've linked to below. Thanks for visiting!

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