State Fair of Texas Part 1: Before Nightfall


“You have to check out the State Fair”. It’s been one of the most consistent things I’ve heard since moving to Dallas. Last week I finally had a chance to visit the fair, which is only here for another week or so. The saying goes that everything is bigger in Texas. They might be right. Big trucks, big shows, big rides, huge amounts of food and drinks and lights and sounds that will keep your finger on the shutter button all night long. I’ve managed to edit all there was to see into a two part blog post. Part 2, Illuminated, can be found here.

I smell the fried food before I’m even in the gate. There are smiles everywhere. Distant bass from the Midway booms as new visitors to the fair make their way to the iconic Big Tex. I follow the crowd - they know the way. The sun will set soon, and I want to get as much of the initial sights and sounds in as I can before twilight. Frame, click. Frame, click.


After the sun sets, the lights of the fair turn on and a whole new world lights up. Be sure to catch Part 2: Illuminated.