State Fair of Texas Part 2: Illuminated


The sun has set, but a whole new world is illuminated under the canopies of the Midway and beyond at the State Fair. This is part 2 of a two part blog post on the State Fair of Texas. Part 1 can be found here: State Fair of Texas Part 1: Before Nightfall.

The music grows louder, announcers yell and jostle for your attention and the flow of the crowd drives me forward, further and further into the fairgrounds. Grown men proudly carry stuffed animals that are even larger than themselves as trophies of their State Fair skill. 

Funnel cakes, corn dogs, ice cream, lemonade and beer are sold in huge quantities. Lines for rides snake around corners and yet, even this late into the evening, everyone is smiling. Everyone is still having as much fun as when I first stepped onto the fairgrounds hours ago. I stop and stand off to the side to let the crowd pass me by. An amazing sweet smell from the booth behind me makes me turn on my heels. Suddenly I’m taken back to my childhood, when I went to similar fairs in Virginia and Ohio with my family. Something about the smell and the lights and the sounds triggers my memory and I smile. I’d like to remember this moment. Frame, click.