Fujifilm Round Up - October 2015


October is shaping up to be a busy month for Fujifilm. Whether it be sweepstakes, giveaways, special offers or community events, Fuji and fans of Fuji are really going out of their way to get the word out about the X Series. Let’s do a quick round up of some of the best offers for this month as well as some check ins with some X Photographers and current events.



At the time of this post, we’re about halfway through the month of October 2015 and that means there are only a couple more weeks left to enter Fuji’s sweepstakes to win a one-of-a-kind pink edition of their popular X100T camera. Head on over to the sweepstakes page for more information and to enter to win!

As always, don't forget the meaning behind the pink this month. Visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation for more information.



Fuji has a great track record of keeping in touch with their users and offering the best incentives and programs to get people into the X Series lineup. If you are in the United States, currently own a DSLR and are considering a switch to Fuji, you might want to have a look at fujifilmtradein.com to get a discount on a new Fuji X Series body or lens. That promotion is good until November 7th, 2015. It appears there is a similar trade in offer in the UK.

For all of you Fuji X Series users down under, Fuji Australia has a cashback program running from now until January 3, 2016. Interestingly, they specify the 35mm f/1.4 in their literature. Guess you won't be getting any cashback on that brand new 35mm f/2 coming out next month!



The X-Series Pro Rental service is up and running and it's a great way to test out the latest Fuji X Series gear. There really is a terrific assortment of cameras and lenses to try out. Yes, it's currently only a program in the United States, but here's hoping that it makes its way to other countries soon!



FujiTuesday (Toronto and Montreal Fuji Photo Walks)

The first of its kind and one that I liked so much that I helped to bring it to Montreal! FujiTuesday events bring out some incredibly talented Fuji shooters for fun, no stress photo walks. Fuji X Photographers have joined in on the walks and the sponsor stores (Aden Camera for Toronto and Camtec Photo for Montreal) offer prizes and discounts to FujiTuesday members. This is a fantastic community that I wholeheartedly recommend to any Fuji shooters. I led the first Montreal walk and can tell you firsthand that getting out and being social with other local photographers is a fun way to share knowledge and check out different X series gear. If you’re in Toronto, get in touch with Donovan or if you’re in Montreal, get in touch with Michel. You won’t regret it!


FujiFriday (Seattle and Hamburg Fuji Photo Walks) and WeShootFuji Podcast

FujiTuesday’s international cousin! These walks are similar to FujiTuesday events - no pressure meet ups of like-minded Fuji fans who share a passion for photography and the X series. The Seattle FujiFriday group is hosted by Scott Bourne of WeShootFuji and the Hamburg FujiFriday group is hosted by Fuji X Photographer Marco Larousse. Marco is also the co-host of the WeShootFuji Podcast (iTunes Link), which is a popular new Fuji and photography-geared podcast that I really enjoy listening to. They’ve had some great interviews in the past, so be sure to check out their archives and subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes!



Fuji X Photographer Patrick LaRoque

  • These Kings. These Subterraneans. - Still available at the sale price and still worth every penny! A great musical album and a great photo book rolled into one package. Check out my review to read more about it.
  • 1Eye, Roaming - Patrick's original book that I swung around and picked up after enjoying These Kings.These Subterraneans. so much. What can I say? It's simply great writing and great photography. The case studies in the back of the book are a nice touch as well.

Fuji X Photographer Marco Larousse

  • Marco did a nice write up on his first Fuji Friday walk in Hamburg. He shares some tips about hosting a photo walk as well. Among them: "The better you are organized and have planned the tour (by walking that route before hand), the smoother it’ll run." 

That was my experience with FujiTuesday as well and I couldn't agree more. Have a plan and run through it before the group is with you. It's great to see more photo walks cropping up for the Fuji users out there, and I predict we're going to see a lot more cities coming onboard soon!

Fuji X Photographer Kevin Mullins



It's definitely a busy month for Fuji with all of these programs in effect, and it'll be interesting to see what the holidays bring. In the meantime, happy shooting!