It's strange how much livelier a neighborhood can be at night. By day I could walk past any number of stores and shops in Deep Ellum and the doors are closed, the lights are off and it almost looks abandoned. The vibe of the neighborhood during the day is that there are excellent restaurants and some shops around, but very few people. At night though, that switch is flipped in a big way.

Suddenly there are stores opened that didn't exist during the light of day. It's almost as if they moved in during the five hour span between when you first peered into their windows and saw nothing and then returned later at night. An antique store? A candy store? A late night barber shop? Where did they all come from? And more importantly: who is getting their hair cut at 2am?

I've been here long enough to know that Deep Ellum's roots are mostly in the music scene, and I can see the demographic that thrives here. It's a social place. It's community tables at beer gardens, rooftop drinking, murals, loud clubs, musicians trying to make it to their gig on time, airplanes constantly flying by on their way to Love Field and cars choking the once lonely streets. If you really want to get a feel for Deep Ellum, you've got to be here on a Friday night.