Recent Developments: Tri-X and Portra 400


Retrieving developed film from the lab is a fantastic feeling. Since I don’t develop from home, I’m left wondering what exactly I have in that little flash drive until I get access to a computer to review the shots. I have a general idea of where I was and what I shot, but in some cases with film, it can take me weeks to finish a 36 shot roll. It’s a condition that all film photographers suffer from - something called patience. When I’m using the Mamiya ZM, I compose more carefully and shoot only when I feel it’s worth the exposure. It’s no wonder then that I had so many surprises when I checked out these latest developments!


Tri-X 400

Oh yes. Now I understand this films popularity. I don’t know if it’s the natural character of the Old Port here in Montreal or if this film actually brought out some new life in old parts of the city, but I really enjoy what I’m seeing here. I’ve raved about this film on Twitter for the past couple of days so I’ll just get right to the gallery. I usually do a better job of editing the selects down, but in this case I’ve got 27 to share because I’m so charmed by the character of this film. It may be my new preferred film. Period.

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Portra 400

I’m not going to lie, I think it’s tough to beat Superia 400 (I took a look at that in a previous Recent Developments post that focused more on Fuji films). Then I saw some Portra 400 shots from Johnny Patience using Portra 400 metered for 200 (his blog post here is hugely informative, read the comments as well) and got really into Portra. In this case I finished the roll at box speed because I was already halfway in and wanted to see what the box speed produced before I tested shooting it another way. All in all, less selects on this one but still tons of potential.

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Special Mention

World, meet my cat: Panini! He was lucky enough to get onto the Porta roll just before exposure 01. Love it when that happens.



I need to test Portra 400 metered at 200 and go buy at least a box set of Tri-X. I already can’t wait to see what develops next!