Montreal residents are a graceful people. Well, some are more graceful than others, but we’re tenacious, too! When faced with the prospect of either walking 30 additional seconds out of our way to avoid a backup of sewer water or braving a leap of faith over it to save time, most people took the leap. Most of them succeeded. Most of them…



I came across this scene in the Old Port two evenings ago, just after a thunderstorm the previous evening. There’s been a lot of work on the sewers lately, and I’m thinking that they’re not quite finished working here on the corner of Saint Paul and McGill. I would normally take one or two photographs of such a scene, but when you start to see a ballet being performed in front of you, you're inclined to stay a while.

The puddle of water and the recent sewer work still didn’t stop pedestrians from braving the jump. I noticed that it was a kind of a “monkey see, monkey do” mentality. If someone hesitated, they would almost certainly try it themselves if they watched someone land the jump before them. They would grasp tightly to their purses, bags, dogs, cell phones or Starbucks cups and take the leap. The trouble for some was discovering that it was a longer jump than they anticipated. 

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These last three are to serve as photographic proof that chivalry is not dead…at least not in Montreal.