Fuji Walk Montreal: May 24, 2015


This past weekend I attended the official Fuji Walk in Montreal and I had the great pleasure to meet Jerry and Billy from Fuji as well as Fuji photographers from across the city. The turnout was exceptional and it was great to meet so many other fans of Fuji’s cameras and lenses.

We got the chance to get a look at the X-T10 and the new autofocus system that will be making its way to our X-T1s next month, and Patrick LaRoque also did a great write-up about his use of a pre-production Fuji XF 90mm lens at the event.

There’s a great sense of community that I think you’ll be able to get from the series of photos below. This sense of community is one of the reasons that I’ve approached Donovan Bond and OT Kammah, founders of the FujiTuesday group in Toronto, about expanding their monthly Fuji-centric photo walks here to Montreal. A lot of people at the Fuji Walk expressed interest in being a part of FujiTuesday Montreal and I’ve started to contact stores in the area looking for a partner. We hope to have our first walk here in Montreal on June 16, but there will be more about that later. For now, if you’re a photographer living in or near Montreal and want to attend FujiTuesday Montreal, be sure to submit your info on the Sign Up page of the FujiTuesday site. More information will be emailed to you in the weeks ahead!

Note: although FujiTuesday is indeed Fuji-centric, it’s all about community and collaboration, so if you own a different camera system and still want to come out and shoot, feel free to show up! Be forewarned: you might start looking at Fuji cameras after trying one out!

Below are a few photos of the great group that showed up for the Fuji Walk. I’ve also posted my series of photos from the day on a separate post.

Thanks again to Fuji for a great event, and special thanks to Ben Von Wong for sharing some of his insight and his newest gear with us as well!

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