Life Returns To Montreal

I’ve been shooting a lot of film lately. It’s a great thing, because sometimes I get tired of EVFs and autofocus and macro modes and RAW processing - sometimes I need to get back to the simpler roots and just shoot film. Unfortunately, that means that I take my time and this blog doesn’t get updated as often as I’d like! Having said that, the weather here in Montreal has taken a fantastic warm turn and I decided to take the instantly gratifying X-T1 back out with the fantastic 23mm f/1.4 and see what was happening on the streets of Old Port and Mont Royal. 

The weather affects my mood, no doubt about it. I’m sure you’re the same way. When I wrote a blog post in the bleakest part of a never-ending Montreal winter (There Used To Be Color Here), I could tell my tone was decidedly more somber, more mellow. Even the way I processed the images in that post was more muted. In the dead of winter I’ll listen to different music, I’ll read different books and I notice that my writing takes a less light-hearted approach and ventures into some dark recess of my soul where an inner wannabe author is trying to break out. But hey, that’s pretty fun sometimes, too.

Such is not the case when the sun is shining though! When life returns to Montreal and the trees and flowers come back to life, I’m all smiles. Layers of clothing are shed and the citizens of this fine city venture out in all of our pale glory. Horse-drawn carriages taxi tourists through Old Port, neighbors sit outside on their patios and converse, terraces are constructed at cafes and the social aspects of the city start churning. We’ve all been stuck behind coats and scarves and masks for five months, and now it’s time to see each other once again. I’m sure we’d all gladly trade frostbite for a little sunburn at this point!

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