Fuji Walk Toronto: May 30, 2015


Just one week after the great Fuji Walk in Montreal, I was on my way down to Toronto to see what the turnout would be like for their big Fuji Walk in the Distillery District. I arrived late Friday evening and was out the door for an early start the next morning for the walk itself, but I knew immediately that I'd have to return to Toronto soon. The downtown area is huge, and I wished I had more time to explore the city in that great early morning light.

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The weather services had been predicting cloud and rain for all day Saturday, but I was grateful to wake up to blue skies and sun! As it would turn out, we would continue to have great weather for the duration of the morning until finally in the late afternoon the dark clouds formed and the sky seemingly opened up. That had no bearing on the walk itself though. The turnout was huge - I’d say on par if not slightly bigger than the Montreal turnout, and the other photographers that I spoke to were outgoing and great to be around. There were about ten times as many green-shirted Fuji staff in Toronto as there was in Montreal, but this was to be expected as I believe Toronto is their headquarters in Canada.

Fuji hired a gymnast and models from the Distillery District to perform and pose for us, and it was great to see quite a few people getting their first crack at the new X-T10 and the new focusing system on a fast moving subject. It was very cool of Fuji to set these scenarios up. All too often you want to test out a new feature but aren’t really presented with the right opportunity to do so. To their credit, Fuji had this covered.

Aside from participating in the Fuji Walk, my other goal for the trip was to meet and talk with Donovan Bond of FujiTuesday and Fuji vs. Fuji as well as Heather and Mathieu from MirrorLessons (who happened to be in town). I had the pleasure of having lunch with Donovan, his wife, Heather and Mathieu after the event and all I can say is that they are all lovely, inspirational and fun people to be around. I look forward to catching up with all of them again soon.

For those of you who may not know, FujiTuesday is a group of Fuji shooters who meet on the third Tuesday of every month to go on smaller local photo walks and discuss gear and photography. Donovan started the group in Toronto and I saw potential for it to come to Montreal, and I’m happy to say that it’s going to be a reality. FujiTuesday will officially kick off here in Montreal on Tuesday, June 16 2015. Be sure to sign up for FujiTuesday Montreal if you’d like to attend!

Since I spent a lot of time chatting and networking during the Toronto Fuji Walk, I came back to find that I hadn't taken that many photos and that most of my shots were of the other participants! The Distillery District is a great place, but I found that it was more fun to photograph when it was full of life and visitors later in the day after lunch. Unfortunately by then I had a train back to Montreal to catch, so once again I couldn’t stay to take a lot of photos. Next time, Toronto!

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