Deep Ellum By Day and By Night


With every new country I move to, I’m lucky to be working in some pretty extraordinary studios, and those studios happen to be situated in some pretty extraordinary neighborhoods. In Sydney, I was working on the Fox Studios Lot next to a place called the Entertainment Quarter that hosted movie premieres at its theater and an amazing farmers market on Wednesdays. If I wasn’t running into celebrities on the lot, I could venture out to see what was happening right next door in the “EQ”. In Montreal, I worked at studios located in the famous and historic Old Port which was full of culture, landmarks, restaurants and plenty of tourists. Now I’m located here in Dallas in a neighborhood called Deep Ellum, and it doesn’t disappoint with its own amazing backstory and culture.

I’ll save you the history lesson (the Deep Ellum Wikipedia page can give you all the background info) but suffice it to say that the area is known mostly for its ties to the music scene. Nothing tells that story more than finding hundreds of staples plastered on light poles block after block: remnants of past gig posters that have since been torn away.

Venues have come and gone and famous musicians and bands have visited Deep Ellum for decades. By day it’s a destination for lunch-goers and mural painters. By night it’s a haven for clubbers and musicians looking to get their name out there.

I haven’t gotten the chance to walk around and explore as much as I’d like, but from what I’ve seen already I’m in awe of the juxtaposition between Deep Ellum and the concrete jungle of skyscrapers that hang over it just to the east. Deep Ellum is truly a gem of a place; an area that has struggled through off and on bouts of crime and drug activity to more recently becoming, once again, an area that families will come to at night. Art galleries, restaurants, coffee shops and businesses are flocking to Deep Ellum, and I’m excited to be here on its “upswing” as a local newspaper called it.

This first set is a mixture of Deep Ellum by day and by night. It’s a mixture of sunburnt skies and neon glows. This set is creative mural painters, historic buildings, bright colors, gourmet donuts and famous spaces. This is Deep Ellum.