Where the Wild Things Were

A short time ago, I made a switch to this website - not just in the look and design of it, but also to the content. As I’ve progressed further into this journey called photography, I’m slowly starting to see the types of photographs in my personal library that catch my interest more than others.

To that end, you may have noticed (or not) that there is no longer a section on the site dedicated to Wildlife. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve stopped shooting wildlife altogether, it just means that I’m whittling down what I choose to “exhibit” (if you will) what I find to be more interesting and more attainable on a daily basis. In short, street photography and travel photography is what I’ve noticed I focus more on. Perhaps it’s the fact that urban environments and street situations are easier for me to come by, thus making street photography an easier pursuit. Or perhaps it’s that I connect more with photographs of people in them.

Either way, I simply noticed that the situations that would allow me to build up a library of wildlife images were few and far between. I don’t take safari trips, and I don’t visit isolated areas with telephoto lenses and camp out under the stars (although it sounds pretty nice). I truly think wildlife photography is amazing and if I find myself in a situation to capture it I’ll definitely bring the X-T2 out to play, but it’s easy for me to see that most of my time is spent in and around cities. In order to continue working towards a personal style, I think it’s important sometimes to hone in on what appeals to you the most in your creative outlets.

In truth, the only wildlife that I’ve seen recently have been humans going about their daily lives and engaging in animal behavior that is wild enough as it is. So for now, the Wildlife section may be gone, but I’ll still probably post a few images from time to time if I find myself in the right place at the right time to capture them. 

In the meantime, here’s a few of my old favorites to end with...