Walking Dallas, Part 5: B-Side

Walking Dallas is a 5 part, multistory series detailing a four hour time span in Dallas

Part 1: Glass, Steel and Stone
Part 2: Divisions
Part 3: K2, Drugs and Death
Part 4: Monochrome
Part 5: B-Side

When I originally began sorting through my contact sheets for the right images for this series, the story of this time spent walking Dallas began to form in front of me. It began with the highs of a marvelous skyline and ended with the lows of the realities of city life back down on the streets. Still, after a lot of editing, there are just some images that stick out even though they didn't manage to find their way into the story. 

I'd like to consider these a bonus. Let's call it a B-Side of sorts: a small collection of moments that I'd like to leave you with. There's one for almost everyone here: amazing light, bold color, pleasing symmetry, the innocence of childhood, love for your neighbor, movement and demolition / rebirth.

When I look over this series, I'm reminded that there are so many scenes and dramatic moments that play out in front of our eyes every day on the streets. 

Don't forget to stop and appreciate them while you still can.

— Rob Zeigler