Walking Dallas, Part 1: Glass, Steel and Stone

Walking Dallas is a 5 part, multistory series detailing a four hour time span in Dallas

Part 1: Glass, Steel and Stone
Part 2: Divisions
Part 3: K2, Drugs and Death
Part 4: Monochrome
Part 5: B-Side

When I walk the streets of a new city, my first instinct is to look up. Almost immediately I’m drawn into the scale of the towering buildings that surround me. Light itself somehow manages to dance between these giants of glass, steel and stone and reflect wildly on the other buildings that surround them. Windows that stretch for hundreds of feet above the ground project glowing shapes down onto the streets below. Breathtaking reflections jump out at you. 

Elements of older architecture clash with their new skyscraper brothers, but the wide open spaces that Texas is known for seems to ring true for the downtown area as well. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and the buildings and districts are spaced out enough for the afternoon sunlight to stream through freely.

So much to see and take in at once, but all I can manage to do right now is to look up.