Walking Dallas, Part 4: Monochrome

Walking Dallas is a 5 part, multistory series detailing a four hour time span in Dallas

Part 1: Glass, Steel and Stone
Part 2: Divisions
Part 3: K2, Drugs and Death
Part 4: Monochrome
Part 5: B-Side

I don’t immediately look at the day’s images when I get home. The camera never leaves my bag. Instead, I’m on my computer searching Google for “Dallas poverty”. It’s been on my mind the entire car ride home. You might not like what you find when you start peeling back the layers.

As colorful as today was, my mind shifts gears. Black and white. White and black. Homelessness is discouraging, inequality is disturbing and the realization that you are, in a way, powerless to do anything about it is crushing. It's not that I'm naive when it comes to these sorts of problems in big cities. It's just that I know that real answers and real results take time. 

The true challenge in a difficult time like this is to find the empathy in ourselves to awaken the dormant yet inherent good in others who are less fortunate than we are. It involves a lot of patience, a lot of understanding and the ability to be able to confront uncomfortable truths about how we live together. That's what makes us human.

Sometimes the solution to a problem is elusive. Sometimes we need to take a step back and simplify the world by seeing it in black and white.

A photograph presented in monochrome can be free from all of the noise and distractions found in an otherwise tumultuous world. Whether or not you can still see the beauty and potential in it from there is up to you.