Umbria: Friends and a Farmhouse

It’s amazing how true friendships can stand the test of time and distance. My wife Amanda has known Marita and Carlos for decades ever since she was very young and living in Spain, and we were fortunate enough to stay with them during our visit to Umbria and see the amazing sights and restaurants in the area from a locals point of view.

After visiting Spoleto, Bevagna, Assisi and Torre Del Colle we decided to take a rest before visiting our final stop: Montefalco. But as is the case sometimes, fate had a different plan. When a large rain and hail storm broke out, we decided to stay in the comfort of Marita and Carlos’ farmhouse, now upgraded to a fantastic multi-bedroom residence. It was a home away from home. Rain poured down outside and thunder rumbled in the distance, but being inside a cozy house with friends and a bottle of wine for a quaint impromptu dinner was the perfect end to our time in Umbria.



The sun returned the following morning on our way back to the train station. Before we left, I wanted to capture some of the charm of the farmhouse from the outside. Dozens of beloved cats and other animals march happily around the grounds. Olive trees invite you to take a stroll through them. If you’d rather just relax, you’ll find other inviting nooks to sit with a cold drink and let the warm Umbrian sun melt away your stress. 

We’ll always have the photographs and memories of places we’ve been to in our travels, but it’s truly the people you meet along the way that can leave the most lasting impressions. We hope to visit Marita and Carlos again very soon.