Review: Ona Leather Bowery

The Ona Leather Bowery is one of the best built bags that I’ve handled to date. The full grain leather feels fantastic and the brass hardware feels like it could last a lifetime of usage. The great thing about genuine leather accessories like this bag is that as time goes on, they’ll naturally wear in with age and look and feel even better.

Although I personally feel like the inner dimensions are tight, if you move the internal divider (or remove it entirely) you could probably fit a Fuji kit or very small DSLR with lens into this bag. Having said that, it'll be a tight fit, and I usually don’t like to cram anything into my bags. I like to leave room to easily add and remove things to my kit as needed. In that respect, I think the Ona Leather Bowery is ideally suited to small Micro Four Thirds gear and other small compact systems like most 35mm film cameras and rangefinders.

Check out the video below for more of my thoughts on the Ona Leather Bowery!




No time to watch? Here’s some quick thoughts:



  • Gorgeous looks
  • Fantastic construction and craftsmanship



  • High price point
  • Tight inner dimensions
  • No security on outside pockets


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Ona Leather Bowery:  (Dark Truffle color)
Review is of the Black version, but they also have the Dark Truffle and Antique Cognac leather as well.