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  • Hasselblad Spirit Level - $40

    Near mint. Includes original box and paperwork.

  • Yi 4K Camera + Yi Gimbal + Yi Selfie Stick - $179

    Perfect working order. All cables and chargers plus documentation included. Used once and then packaged away. Upgraded the lens on the Yi 4K to be a manual focus macro capable lens! Search for “PixAero Yi 4K” for details on the lens - a $150 cost on it’s own. Not only does it allow for adjustable close focusing, it also allows you to shoot at 4K with no distortion.

  • B&W 46mm UV Filter - $20

  • B&W 46mm Circular Polarizer - $20

  • Lumu Light Meter (First Generation with Headphone Jack) - $30

  • Mamiya 645 Strap Lugs - $25

  • Vello Wired Remote (model AZ0413 for Panasonic, used on a G6) - $10